Deji Jemiyo – Director (Nigeria)

Our Director for Nigeria is Deji Jemiyo.  Deji is a Business Transformation, Project Management and People Development Expert. He developed a “CAFE” (Clarity, Alignment, Focus, Execution) model to enable individuals and organizations achieve breakthrough results. 

Focusing primarily as the lead for JEMAN Group, Mr. Jemiyo is one of the most highly sought commercial management consultants and trainers in Nigeria. He has trained well over 2,000 professionals in Commercial and Project Management practice.  Deji has served as an “agent of change” for performance turnaround, process improvement and project management excellence by providing project management leadership for corporate strategic initiatives.  He holds several post graduate qualifications.

Deji has a wealth of hands on experience, largely as a Project Engineer with the engineering division of NNPC – Nigeria’s national oil company. Mr. Jemiyo has also worked with NETCO, a subsidiary of NNPC and was part of the OPMT (Owners’ Project Management Team) on several Joint Venture projects with Oil and Gas multinationals such as Mobil, Chevron and Shell.