• Leadership Licensee Case Study: Huawei and the European 5G Landscape:  How to Manage Your Commercial Risk Strategy When a Link in Your Supply Chain is Strained
  • Leadership Licensee Case Study: Bottled-Up Value – How Outcome-Based Contracts Helped Create Global Brand Recognition for Coca-Cola
  • Leadership Licensee Case Study: Burning Your Reputation – How A Defective Transformer and the California Wildfires May Impact PG&E’s Reputation and Existence
  • Leadership Licensee Case Study: $1280 for Coffee Cups – What is Behind the US Air Force’s Commercial Strategy?
  • Corporate Licensees – these are private sessions, restricted to team members at those corporations, organizations, and government agencies related to specific topics selected by the Corporate Licensee.  For example, the US Federal Government has commissioned Commercial Officers Group to conduct “Avoiding the Pitfalls in Commercial Management in the US Public Sector”.

One of our most effective offerings is our Learning Ladders.  The next Learning Ladder on our schedule is the SOW/SLA Learning Ladder, which will commence in February 2023.  This multi-week program is a series of weekly webinars in which the participants complete weekly team assignments.  The assignments are graded by the instructor.  At the end of the program, the team with the highest cumulative score is deemed the “Learning Ladder Champions”. Click here to receive more information and register for the SOW/SLA Learning Ladder.