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Our Business is Enabling Commercial Officers To Lead

Very few commercial relationships and contracts yield their full potential value. The shortfall leads to lost profit, delays, defects and reputation damage. It has been estimated that an enterprise can generate an additional profits if the low-yield commercial arrangements were transformed into high-yield ones. This sub-optimal performance is rooted in a variety of causes, ranging from flawed processes and tools to effective organizational design, from deficient resources to unanticipated cultural restraints.

While most enterprises focus on simply ensuring that overall yield rates avoid negative results, leading practice Commercial Officers pursue the highest overall commercial yield possible.

Here are some of the most effective resources they use:

The Library

For those who obtain a license to our Library – either as an Individual or under a Corporate license – this 12-minute tour provides an overview of the resources they can utilize in their pursuit of high-yield contracting and business relationships.

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Professional Development

Recent studies have consistently highlighted the fact that there is a shortfall in effective commercial management skills. We have developed a portfolio of skill offerings that will transform the commercial team into a competitive advantage and an enabler of high-yield contracting.  Commercial Officers Group embraces the Blended Learning model for content delivery and professional development.  To learn more about this approach, please watch this video.

Learning Modules

Below is a sample learning module on Risk Registers – which are a valuable but under-utilized tool for the Commercial Project Manager. If Risk Registers do not interest you, there are over 100 other modules to use.


Here is a screen shot of sample quiz, selected from over 100 quizzes, which allows you to gauge your mastery of a specific topic.

Tools, Templates And Resources

It is widely recognized across all professions that one’s effectiveness is limited by their tools. We have developed a portfolio of tool, templates and other resources which have been used by leading commercial enterprises across the globe. These resources are proven.

Research, Advisory and Coaching Services

At times, additional support is needed due to a range of reasons – from lacking experience and insight to shortage of headcount. We have assembled a team of seasoned researchers and advisory professionals who have “in the trenches” experience and are able to share and apply our research and their insights to your situation.