Learn more about the Commercial Project Management (CPM) certification program by taking this brief quiz.

Commercial Officers Group has created a certification program that reflects one of our key insights – high-yield contracting and commercial excellence can only be attained through collaborative cross-functional teams. The requisite skills enable individuals and their firms to drive and deliver superior results. To that end, the Commercial Project Management (CPM) certification is awarded to those who demonstrate mastery and experience across multiple disciplines – from project management and contract management, from supplier relationship management to customer relationship management, from quality and change management to legal compliance and financial governance.

There are six certification levels in the program:

  • Collaborator (CPM-C) – this is the initial tier and is awarded to those who have accumulated at least 150 certification points
  • Practitioner (CPM-P) – those who have accumulated at least 250 certification points
  • Expert (CPM-E) – those who have accumulated at least 350 certification points
  • Leader (CPM-L) – those who have accumulated at least 450 certification points
  • Fellow (CPM-F) – those who have accumulated at least 550 certification points
  • Fellow Premier (CPM-FP) – those who are in the top ten percent of the Fellow tier

Points are granted through a variety of options, including skills assessments, experience assessments, exams, quizzes, case studies, participating in on-line presentations and roundtables, and existing certifications in other programs. There are over 300 means of acquiring points! We recognize that one’s existing certifications from other providers serve as compelling evidence of one’s mastery. As such, certifications from other programs will lead to 75 points towards CPM certification. If one has two certifications, then up to 150 points will be counted towards CPM-P certification. Commercial Officers Group recognizes certification from PMI, ISM, CIPS, NCMA, ACC, and others. We are willing to expand this list to other similar caliber third-party programs, including specially designated Udemy programs, e.g., “Complete Contract Management Bootcamp 2021: Zero to Hero.”

How Can You Accumulate Points?

There are a number of ways to accumulate points, including:

  • Skills Assessment – up to 96 points (Note: the Skills Assessment is required for CPM-P certification)
  • Experience Assessment – up to 50 points (Note: the Experience Assessment is required for CPM-P certification)
  • Third-Party Certifications – 75 points, with a maximum of 150 points (two third-party certifications)
  • Comprehensive Exam – up to 100 points, with your percentage score correlating to the points, e.g., 92% = 92 points, with a passing score threshold of 85%. (Note: successfully passing the Comprehensive Exam is required for CPM-P certification)
  • Module Quizzes – up to 3 points each
  • Case Studies – up to 10 points each
  • Other opportunities for accumulating points arise in participating in some Commercial Officers Group events, e.g., presenting in a COG Webinar, participating in COG research, etc.

Your Investment. Commercial Officers Group has created two pricing options.

  • Option 1 – Flat Fee Model. US$360 for all of the materials and resources needed to reach the Practitioner level of certification, then US$30/month for each subsequent tier. Fellow Premier status is awarded to the top ten percent in the Fellow tier and is not directly granted through a fee mechanism.
  • Option 2 – Pay-As-You-Go Model. Candidates are able to pay for each item in the program as they are needed.

Examples of Pay-As-You-Go elements include

  • Skills Assessment – US$25
  • Experience Assessment – US$25
  • Comprehensive Exam – US$150
  • Module Quizzes (at least 56 are available) – US$10 each
  • Case Studies (at least 56 are available) – US$25 each
  • Annual License to the Commercial Officers Group Library – US$100
  • Third-Party Certifications – US$0 – there is no charge from Commercial Officers Group related to these third-party certifications. You have paid those providers enough!

Please learn more about the program with the following overview and access tool.

For more information, please email us at admin@commercialofficers.com, or call us at +1.720.470.9846.


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