Current Research

In 2022 Commercial Officers Group researched the use of joint risk registers as an element of the negotiation process and uncovered some useful insights.

Following is a learning module which addresses this effort:

Commercial Officers Group also conducted a micro-research project in 2022 related to negotiations during the pandemic and found these six trends:

  • Parties are becoming more collaborative in their negotiations
  • Parties increase their success rates by preparing well before receiving the other party’s request
  • Interest-based negotiations, focusing on mutual benefits, are on the increase and proving more effective than positional models
  • Negotiators are targeting specific pain points, rather than re-negotiating the entire contract
  • Parties are avoiding deep price cuts, seeking non-financial concessions that are less impactful
  • Processes are being redesigned to mitigate mutual costs, rather than seeking unilateral concessions

For more information in negotiations and the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Commercial Projects, Commercial Contracts and Commercial Relationships, visit the COG Library.

Commercial Officers Group recently conducted a micro-research study on the impact of punctuation in the contract development phase. Here is what was found:

Commercial Officers Group is focused on research and creating useful reports and tools.  Here is a list of upcoming topics:

  • Risk Analysis and Management through Proactive Supplier Engagement – to be completed by 15 December 2023
  • Top Approaches to Increasing Yield from Contracts and Relationships – to be completed by 15 January 2024
  • Communication Strategies and Tactics to Improve Your Yield – to be completed by 15 February 2024

If you are interested in enabling higher yields on your commercial contracts and relationships, please click here to download your copy of a High Yield Contracting overview.